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Simple Series Rules

No Nonsense Prairie Bass Series include one short page of simple rules. 

2023 No Nonsense Prairie Bass Series Rules


$100 per boat Entry fee, $10 from each entry goes to big bass, Five Fish limit per boat. Fish as a two person team or individually. 90% payback, $25 annual membership fee.

Take Off Drawing

Take off Drawing will be held Friday evening at 7:30 P.M. before each tournament on Facebook live, all entries received after 5:30 P.M. Thursday evening before tournament will takeoff in order received.

Check In

Check in will be from 5:00am to 5:45am for each tournament, livewell check will be done at this time. Each team will receive a card with their boat number and weigh slip that needs to be turned in when you weigh your fish.

Special Rules for Pool #10 Only

  • No locking

  • 5 fish per boat

  • Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass

  • 14-inch minimum length

Dead Fish Penalty

Dead fish penalty will be 0.5 pound; more than two dead fish results in disqualification.

Boat Guidelines

Open to all boats with a working livewell capable of holding 5 fish, with the exception of airboats which are not allowed. Mud motors are allowed.  You can only get out of your boat to free yourself if you get stuck, you cannot get out and push your boat into an area during the tournament.

Tournament Hours

Hours are 6:00am to 2:00pm. 2:01pm is late and will result in disqualification. Someone from our team will be at the end of the dock to check you in. As long as you are in sight with your boat number, you will be considered checked in.

Artificial baits only, no trolling, Landing nets are allowed to land fish. All fish must be caught by legal method in accordance with Iowa/Wisconsin Boundary Waters regulations. Culling of dead fish is prohibited.

State and Federal Laws

All participants must follow all state and federal laws and coast guard boating laws, this includes not fishing in restricted areas. Lifejackets must be worn anytime the combustion engine is running and a kill switch must be attached.  No alcohol or illegal drugs during tournament hours.

Liability Notice

All participants must carry $300,000 liability coverage on any boat. Tournament directors are not responsible for accidents and all participants will sign a season waiver.

Angler Substitutions

A substitute may be used for an Angler or Co Angler if sub is declared before takeoff that day. No substitutions are allowed in the NNPBS Classic or the NNPBS Wildcard Tournament. 

Tournament Points

Points will be awarded throughout the regular season towards Team of the Year. 100 points for win, minus 1 point each spot after 1. No throw out this season. Team of the year will be awarded at the end of the regular season.

Any team that wins a regular season tournament while entering all five regular season events will get an automatic invite to the NNPBS Classic. If you double qualify (finish in Top 20 and win an event), you will qualify on points finish. We will only invite the top 20 in points, 5 teams from Wildcard Tournament, and any teams that win a tournament entering all five tournaments. There will be NO possibility of more than 30 teams in classic. Example: Any teams that double quality will not bump teams below top 20 into the NNPBS Classic. 

NNPBS Classic

The top twenty teams in points will qualify for our NNPBS Classic as well as any team that wins a regular season tournament while entering five regular season events and the 5 Wildcard qualifiers. The NNPBS Classic will be held Saturday, October 5th and Sunday October 6th. Saturday, October 5th will be held on Pool #9 only out of the Genoa power plant ramp. Sunday, October 6th will be held on Pool #10 only out of the Washington street ramp. The two-day totals will be combined to determine the winners. There is no entry fee for the NNPBS Classic. No substitute anglers allowed in the classic.

NNPBS Wildcard Tournament

Held Saturday, September 7th in pool #10 off the Washington Street Ramp from 6am to 2pm. Teams that fish all five regular season events that fail to qualify for the NNPBS Classic are eligible to fish this wildcard tournament. $100 entry, with all money brought in on entries to be added to the NNPBS Classic first place prize. Top five finishers in this wildcard tournament will qualify for the NNPBS Classic. No substitute anglers will be allowed in this tournament. NNPBS regular season rules apply.


Formal Protests

Any violation of the rules results in a disqualification, Tournament directors have final say on all matters. Any protests shall be filed with tournament officials with formal protest document before awards ceremony of each tournament. Document available from tournament officials at official weigh in site.

Please be courteous to other anglers.

Tournament directors: 

Eric Johnston - 319-404-8968    

Adam Farmer - 319-480-9100

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